New Here?

Here are some key factors to how we live out our journey of faith here at Trinity.


Whether you are visiting us for the first time or are a repeat visitor, we hope you will find something of value on our site. As always, we invite you to get a taste of our community at Trinity. We think it’s a great place to nurture your faith and grow spiritually.

Make sure you fill out a Visitor Card when you worship with us. They are available from the ushers or welcome hosts and are the SURE FIRE way we can get you into our system to receive information via Constant Contacts (our regular email blasts) and other congregation communications.

What to expect

Who We Are

The folks that make up Trinity Lutheran Church are on a journey.

Living in covenant with one another, rooted in Christ Jesus and seeking to grow 

  • in our LOVE FOR GOD (UP) by loving and receiving love from Him, as Jesus did, and by investing in worship, personal and corporate prayer and in the study of God's Word.

  • in our LOVE FOR ONE ANOTHER (IN) by developing the character and competency of Jesus and growing in ability and willingness to be a disciple of Jesus, who makes other disciples.

  • in our LOVE FOR THE WORLD (OUT) by seeking to share the good news of Jesus -in word and deed- with those God brings into my life.

The "leaves" on these 3 branches of who we are as a discipling community look like:

  • Faithfulness: This is a place where people love Jesus and take his Word seriously. 

  • Honesty: Regular people, living imperfect lives, looking for direction from God. 

  • Worshipfulness: Coming together to hear the story of Jesus, share in the Holy meal, sing our praise to God, and pray together. It is our #1 priority. 

  • Creativity: We create something new all the time. Music, drama, art, teaching, shared stories and preaching. If you like an environment where everything stays the same, you’ll quickly become irritated.

  • Authenticity and Connection: Deepening your relationship with Christ, understanding your place in the world, finding healing from your hurt, creating life long friendships with others on the journey. 

Fellow Traveler-

All of these elements are integrated into every aspect and every age group of our congregation. This list is just a glimpse and since life is a journey, you have to walk it on your feet to truly experience all of it. I hope your journey leads you to the One who first created you, to the one who sent his very Son, Jesus, that you may have an abundant life. Every day our awesome staff, our dedicated disciples, and I work to make sure Trinity is a place where people just like you can enjoy the journey. And when life gets a little dicey, when your choices have you hurting, or the world around you is out of control, this is a place where you can find some healing and rest.

We welcome you!


  • We worship at Trinity on Sunday mornings at 9:00 am and 10:30 am.

  • We gather together using music, prayer, Word, message, and Communion meal each Sunday to celebrate what God is doing in our lives. We believe worship is a time to listen to the Spirit and step out and into what God has for us in the world. 

  • We bring a message at all services that is honest and solidly grounded in the Word of God. We find that whenever God’s Word is proclaimed boldly, the Holy Spirit uses that opportunity to encourage and challenge us as we live a life that resembles our Lord Jesus.

  • Preschool, elementary and confirmation Christian Education is offered concurrently with 9 am worship. Adult education opportunities are offered at 8 am.
  • We offer nursery care for infants and younger children during both worship times.


  • EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Jesus told his disciples to remember him in the breaking of the bread when they gathered to receive the forgiveness of sin. At Trinity we celebrate this promise as we receive the very presence of Christ, the fullness of his love and grace, when we share in the bread and wine.  We welcome everyone to join us in receiving the great forgiveness of God found in communion. 

  • ESPECIALLY CHILDREN! You may notice many of our children receiving communion! If you are new to our faith community and your child has been in the practice of communing, we encourage them to receive communion. If your child has not received communion but would like to begin this deepening of the faith journey, please read the section on First Communion on the CEREMONIES PAGE. 

  • THINGS TO KNOW: When you come to communion at the altar rail, we invite you to kneel if you are able. You will receive the bread (all of our communion bread and *wafers are gluten free) and then you will have the option of either choosing an individual cup from the tray, or drinking from the larger shared common cup. If you prefer grape juice over the wine, choose an individual cup from the center ring of the tray (we also always use white grape juice.)

        *during certain seasons we switch things up, such as communing as a family at small center tables