Trinity Family, your response to the needs to the Centennial High School track team in San Luis, Colorado, was STUNNING! Thank you so much for your generous outpouring of atheletic gear and financial support. Please read the letter from the track coach below to see how God used YOU to bless these young people.

Dear Missie (and TLC): 

How do we begin to thank you for taking time from your days to help little Centennial High School? We spent the weekend sorting and organizing the outpouring of love. On Monday afternoon we were able to go to San Luis to present the team with all of the items collected. We were unsure of how it was going to be received by the kids since this is a very “proud” culture. AND, they were completely overjoyed! 

 As Lauren started to tell them what had happened the room went silent. There were even some tears. The team then joined us to help haul boxes upon boxes of donations into the school.  One comment that stood out was “Things like this don’t happen to kids like us.” 

With all the money collected here is a short list of items bought or donated at cost:

  • New shoes for every kid
  • New uniforms complete with printing
  • New sweatpants and hoodies complete with printing
  • New t-shirts complete with printing
  • New canopy
  • New backpacks
  • New Shots
  • New Discus

Every piece of used clothing was gone when Lauren opened it up for first come first serve! Some even went home for the families. 

They now have 100’s of shoes and cleats for future teams! 
Most of all, there is enough money for snacks during the meets, AND EVERY KID WILL GET DINNER ON THE BUS RIDE HOME!!!! 

I wanted you to see some of the first pictures we have. Some of the team was not there due to having to work but you will get full team pictures soon! They have a meet tomorrow and I am certain we will have more complete pictures to share.   

Again, from the very bottoms of our hearts, THANK YOU! 

Grateful and Blessed, 
Coach Tina Payne