In these crazy and uncertain times we have found that it has been challenging to gather information about 
those in our community who desire prayer and care support for themselves or for loved ones.

While we have an active and passionate Prayer Team and Missional Community (OHOMC- devoted to prayer and healing ministries)
we have discovered (especially in these times of being physically distanced and infrequently together in our usual small groups and programs) 
that getting the information regarding life's challenges (sickness, death in one's extended family, job loss, hospitalizations, upcoming surgeries etc)
as well as joys and celebrations (new babies, new jobs, gratitude for the gamut of God's blessings, successful results and healings etc) 
has proven to be quite a hurdle in unleashing the power of our community gathered in prayer
and in getting the appropriate and helpful care responses to those in need in a timely fashion.


This site will be our first attempt at being crazy intentional about 


Here's how it will work...

THE NEEDS: If you have information for yourself or anyone else who has prayer/care needs,
fill out the contact information (include a cell phone too please, to begin comment box) and comment box below
 with as much details as you (or you on their behalf) are comfortable sharing.
You may break it down into "share with ministry staff only," "share with prayer team" or "share with prayer wall."
Any information deemed appropriate for public sharing (as much or as little detail as you decide for you or you have been authorized to share with us)
will then make it's way onto our virtual prayer wall for the community to join in lifting up. 

The virtual PRAYER WALL will go live on WED NOV 18!!


-for the Joe and Jane Jones who just got a positive COVID test and are symptomatic.
They could use some meal, grocery pick up support over the next two weeks.

-in gratitude for a great result for my knee surgery. Could use a driver to get to my PT appt's on Mon and Wed's- Joe Jones

-Praise for the announcement of our new grandbaby! Please keep my daughter (Judy) in prayer for healthy pregnancy-Jane Jones

-I've not seen Joe Jones at worship for the last 3 weeks, and he's always there. Please have pastoral staff check in.

-Appreciate prayers for my anxiety and depression (anonymous)

-Letting the staff know that my father passed away last week -Judy Jones


THE HELPERS: Each time you are willing and able for the next two week period to assist with care support ministry-
visiting those who are homebound, making/taking meals, picking up ordered groceries or prescriptions,
helping with child care or students needing some encouragement or support,
driving someone to an appointment, etc...hop on this page and fill out the contact and comment box (include your cell phone too please)
and a member of the staff will contact you to make a match based on the needs at the moment.

The needs seem to be getting greater, which means the call to step up and love serve is greater as well.

"Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances;
 for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."

1 Thess. 5

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