Pastoral Leadership Transition Update

Here are a couple of key points to keep in mind as our congregation begins the process of transitioning to additional pastoral leadership:

1. In order to ensure a successful transition, we need to follow the Synod's guidelines as best we can. This process will take time, at least 12+ months.

2. The Church Council and the Congregation will select an 'intentional interim pastor' that is trained to assist the congregation through this process. The intentional interim pastor is not eligible to be hired on as a permanent pastor.

3. A summary of the recommended process is outlined here.  

4. There is a significant difference between the Transition Team and the Call Committee.  They are 2 different groups with different functions. Slide #19 (click link above) highlights the roles of each group.

5. Please continue to pray that the Holy Spirit guides us as we move forward.

Al Kansa
Council President