ADULT FORUM: Thank you for being you…creating a safe space to examine ourselves


Thank You For Being You-
Creating A Safe Space To Examine Ourselves


Part of living in this complex time where disunity seems to grab the spotlight is being honest and vulnerable
about where we are, what we don't know and having an open mind and heart for listening and learning together.

All are invited to join Ilene Rice and Becky Albright after worship

on the second and fourth SUNDAYS (beginning NOV 8) from 11:15 - 12:30 

in person in the Fellowship Hall or on ZOOM (click link to join) for the first in a series of engaging and honest conversations
about our participation in current social justice issues.  We will continue to uphold the social agreements made
during our Trinity family meeting in March of listening reflectively, and speaking with non judgement and openness. 

Our first topic will be to explore our position as white people in a time of racial tension and divide. You don’t need to have read
or listened to anything before our first meeting but we recommend getting started on 
White Fragility by Robin Diangelo (click link to AMAZON)  We will also be incorporating some podcasts and writings by Pastors of color
in the Lutheran Church and the Christian and secular community. This series will meet in person and virtually on
the second and fourth Sundays in November, December and January. 

All are welcome and can join at any time during the series.  We will request that virtual participants allow video on Zoom -
seeing the faces of each other feels more like being in the room together. 
For those who can and would like to be in person, we will have space set up to be socially distanced
so we can see and hear each other without masks. 
Feel free to bring a snack or lunch with you,
if you'll be hungry during that time.

If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to contact us - or 719-331-3447 
or or 719-648-3218

If you're planning to be present at our next gathering
please RSVP to Ilene 719-331-3447 so we have enough seats set up
or so we know to log you in on zoom