For many years, Trinity has sold grocery cards which kick back 5% of sales to Trinity. These funds have typically been used by families to offset the cost of youth trips and activities. For a limited time, we are going to use this system to raise funds for our PARKING LOT REPAVING PROJECT. 

Here is how it works: You purchase a $10 Safeway reloadable card. The card comes with $10 on it and each time you shop, you reload your card at the store and use the grocery card to pay for your groceries, gas, prescriptions which gives 5% back to Trinity on all purchases. Natural Grocers cards are NON-reloadable and are sold for $50. The card is worth $50 and 5% goes back to Trinity. These funds will go directly into our parking lot fund. 

King Soopers is no longer selling re-loadable grocery cards but has introduced the Community Rewards Program. As of April 1, 2019, you will no longer need to reload grocery cards to earn funds for Trinity. Instead you need to link your King Soopers loyalty card to Trinity Lutheran Church (ID: LY011) then shop with King Soopers just like you always have to continue earning funds. More details about King Soopers Community Rewards may be found here. 

You may stop by the church office to purchase a Safeway or Natural Grocers card. Questions? Check out this FAQ, call the church office (719-481-3072) or email Brian