Youth Ministry

We believe that our youth are one of the hubs of transformation within our church and community. We begin by building community and connection amongst our Middle and High School Youth and then incorporate the challenge to grow in their journey as disciples who make disciples and the commission to go out and be the Kingdom in the world. Read on to see exactly what that looks like in the every day practices of our Youth Ministry.

High School

We embrace and nurture a discipleship culture within our youth program which finds our high school ministry branching out from monthly or semi-monthly EVENING large group gatherings ("youth group" time, called BRIDGE GATHERINGS. "BRIDGE" is the metaphor we use for the THING connecting us to God, each other and the community/world.Get it?!

BRIDGE GATHERINGS include time for UP, IN and OUT including a meal (provided by a team of parents) fellowship, frivolity, worship, stories of celebration and a time to focus on blessing others in the community and the world. BRIDGE GATHERINGS will be located at TRINITY. Meeting on SUNDAY nights from 6-8:00pm. Parents: There will be opportunities to sign up to host a dinner on the Connection sheets in late August.

DATES FOR BRIDGE GATHERINGS for the 2018-2019 school year

  • September 16
  • October 21
  • December 9
  • January 27
  • February 17

HUDDLES are a time to gather and learn to use the life shape discipleship tools (Kairos Circle, Leadership Square, Up-IN-Out Triangle, Lord's Prayer Hexagon, Five-fold Ministry Pentagon etc.) Together we dig into God's word as we examine the life of Jesus and His call to follow Him as disciples. Huddle members integrate these "life shape" tools into our lives, following Jesus' example. We listen to what God is saying to us and encourage and challenge one another to follow through and act on what God is saying to us. 

We seek balance of UP (worship/relationship with Father) IN (relationship with those in our communities) and OUT (mission and outreach) not only within our individual lives, but within the whole of our youth ministry and congregation. If our BRIDGE GATHERING and HUDDLE ministries represent UP and IN, then our OIKOS and MISSIONAL events represent the IN and OUT focus that draw us into ever deeper UP relationship.

YOUTH OIKOS ("extended family", fellowship and community) events will be scheduled monthly beginning in August.

  • Aug 25: Homeless Experiential Overnight
  • Sept 23: Hunger Meal 
  • Oct 6-7: Jesus Says retreat
  • Nov 18: Mini Amazing Race
  • Jan 19-21: Urban Plunge Weekend
  • Feb 10: Casino Extravaganza

Summer 2019: (Summer Trip team meetings in March, April and May)

  • June 2019: Mission Trip 1
  • July 2019:  Mission Trip 2
  • July 16-18, 2019: Desperation Conference

For more details on upcoming events, see the NEWS section on home page.

Middle School

Our Middle School youth, grades 6th-8th, are encouraged to be an integral part of the life of the Kingdom of God here and and beyond. We seek to walk alongside our middle school youth in this important stage of life.  On the "educational" side of things we offer a relevant confirmation ministry which provides them with some rootedness in our Lutheran tradition as well as providing them with some practical opportunities for integrated faith in everything they do!  For more information see CONFIRMATION on the EDUCATION page or speak with Sandy.    


Pinnacle is our monthly "youth group" gathering time. We meet from noon-2pm at Trinity. You can always expect a great parent-provided meal, a fun game or two, some large group faith teaching, and some small group "huddle" time. Pinnacle's adult leadership is provided by Jackson and Angela Otis. An important discipleship component of Pinnacle is that we have a great leadership group of high school and young adult leaders. We firmly believe that we are called to make disciples who can make disciples. Our teens are invested in the lives of the younger youth as they pass on the faith investment that was made in their lives! Pinnacle fosters both our UP relationship of loving God and our IN relationship of loving each other. 

DATES FOR PINNACLE for the 2018-19 school year

  • September 9
  • October 14
  • November 11
  • January 13
  • February 24
  • March 3
  • April 14

YOUTH OIKOS ("extended family," fellowship and community...Middle school style!)

Each month during the school year we usually have an event that fosters both the OUT relationship of loving the world and our IN relationship of loving each other.  These are a great place to connect with other students, hang out with caring adults, integrate your discipleship beyond "church," and the best place to invite friends! 

  • Aug 13: Back to School Lock-In
  • Sept 23: Hunger Meal
  • Oct 6-7: Jesus Says retreat
  • Dec 9: Reindeer Games
  • Jan 19-21: Urban Plunge
  • Feb 10: Casino Extravaganza
  • Mar 17: Faith Interviews
For more details on any event see the NEWS section on the home page

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