As we seek to live balanced lives of UP (worship), IN (living in community) and OUT (mission) there are many expressions of mission that God graces us with. We need not be bold enough to trek to the far corners of the globe, to be comfortable ministering to those on the fringes or have unlimited financial capital to support every worthwhile cause. As we seek to live out the commission to TOUCH THE LIVES OF OTHERS, the Father would have us begin by embracing our identity as children who have been TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF GOD. From that identity, we simply live, listening to what God is saying and being bold, available and accountable to do something about it, with each day of our lives. There will always be opportunities to go to Africa, feed the homeless and write the big check, but a life of attentiveness and availability is the Kingdom work of being people of mission that all of us are called to.