As we seek to live balanced lives of UP (worship), IN (living in community) and OUT (mission) there are many expressions of mission that God graces us with. We need not be bold enough to trek to the far corners of the globe, to be comfortable ministering to those on the fringes or have unlimited financial capital to support every worthwhile cause. As we seek to live out the commission to TOUCH THE LIVES OF OTHERS, the Father would have us begin by embracing our identity as children who have been TOUCHED BY THE HAND OF GOD. From that identity, we simply live, listening to what God is saying and being bold, available and accountable to do something about it, with each day of our lives. There will always be opportunities to go to Africa, feed the homeless and write the big check, but a life of attentiveness and availability is the Kingdom work of being people of mission that all of us are called to.


Fostering Hope Missional Community provides love and support to foster families by serving as surrogate extended families.

MC Gathering Times: Once a month on Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm at the Ross' home.

MC Blessing Times: One monthly planning meeting with the Fostering Hope coordinator, team, and foster family. One (on average) support activity per month which may include driving, babysitting, providing a meal, or whatever the family needs. 

MC Contact Person: Sue Ross

Foster parents take on a task that few people are willing to—providing a stable and loving home for kids with disrupted families. Foster families face a mountain of challenges, from dealing with mental and developmental issues with their kids to the strict and time consuming requirements placed on them by the foster care system. Rules prevent them from sharing their stresses over coffee with a friend, having their neighbor pick up their kids from school, or letting their kids go on sleepovers. We support them in a variety of ways, by being a consistent and loving (and trained, insured, and approved) additional presence in their lives. We work in teams of four to eight MC members for each foster family, and currently have three teams. The gratitude the families show for any little bit of help is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

At our monthly gatherings, we share a casual meal and discuss what’s happening with our families. We talk about how we’ve interacted with them over the past month, and share suggestions for how to handle various challenges. We also talk about what we’ve learned from our relationships with our families and how to love without judging—how to live like Jesus, in other words. In December and July, our gathering is a party with our MC and our families.

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The LIFE STORIES MISSIONAL COMMUNITY listens to and preserves stories and lessons from seniors, capturing stories and insight that would otherwise be lost.

MC Gathering Time: Once a month on the second Tuesday from 6:30-8:30pm at the Williamson's home.

MC Blessing Time: The times we are blessed and bless lives vary according to the life rhythms of our teams. Just as Jesus sent his disciples into the world by two's, we go as teams, befriending and opening relational dialogue through encounters with people who are interested in sharing their stories. We have at least three opportunities to develop a relationship with our friends through developing a relationship, recording stories, and reviewing stories with them.

MC Contact: Laura Williamson and Mark Anderson

Living Together: We gather at the Williamson’s home every second Tuesday evening to share experiences and map our journey forward. Our group discusses our encounters with seniors. We talk about the best ways to gather and document the information that's been entrusted to us. We encourage each other, we pray for those in need, and ask God's direction to advance what we believe is a calling for each of us. Our relationships with those in our MC have been deeply enriched as we share our own joys and sorrows, study and pray for God’s guidance, and move into action to imitate the way Jesus sought to daily care for a world in need. 

How We've Blessed our Network: First and foremost, our goal is to spend time listening to seniors and connecting with them in a meaningful way. We believe this connection offers individuals a time to reflect deeply on “self”, as well as a chance for them to give their blessing and wisdom to future generations. The work our teams have done has been extremely gratifying for the individuals we've interviewed and recorded. We ask seniors to reflect upon their lives. Many have been surprised to see just how positive their impact has been on the world around them. It's been a source of unexpected satisfaction for them, a validation of their efforts and struggles. Recently, we were called to action when a terminal diagnosis was delivered. Could we gather a life story quickly so family members in the future would know these important stories?  Yes, we could; yes, we did, and it was a comforting gift we were able to give. The blessings seem to flow effortlessly and the process of harvesting these stories has been exceptionally rewarding as God develops our interconnectedness to the network we bless.


Macaroni Mondays is a Missional Community that consistently blesses and connects with the homeless community at America The Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs with a weekly hot meal and consistent love!

MC Gathering Times: 2x/month on Wednesday nights from 6:00-8:00pm. Mac Monday members volunteer their home to host the group. 

MC Blessing Times: Every Monday night at America The Beautiful Park at 5:00pm.

MC Contact Person: Terry Killen and Reanna Werner 

Mac Mondays has two key components that make this MC a life-transforming experience. First are our weekly gatherings. Whether we're meeting at the Taylor's home or one of our other members' homes, we spend an hour just conversing, catching up, and making deep connections over a potluck meal. The second hour of our time together is an intentional time of talking specifically about what God is up to in each of our lives and at the park where we do our missional work. Sometimes we have a time of discipleship led by a member of this missional community, where we're usually challenged to a deeper life. Our Mac Monday MC is a place where everyone has a voice in the group and all get to share. We may find ourselves sharing in breakout groups, praying for someone specific, or singing to a worship song on YouTube. Each week is unique, but each gathering is inspirational and life-giving.

Secondly, about every 4-5 weeks you will sign up to make dinner to take to the park. On a slow night we have 35 people come to the pavilion to eat, and on occasion we may have up to 80 people. Usually one household cooks 8 pounds of dry macaroni to make two HUGE pans of mac and cheese. The other partner family will bring sodas and individually packaged desserts. Over time, folks start to gather totes of bowls, forks, trash bags, dog food, etc that start to take up garage space! Beyond the logistics of cooking and showing up at the park, Mac Monday folks start to live and see the world differently--with open eyes and transformed hearts. It's all part of stepping into this missional life until it starts to become natural!


From the Swahili word for "hope," MATUMAINI Missional Community welcomes anyone (adults, families, teens) with a heart for following Jesus' call to love the refugee, the sojourner, the oppressed around the world.  We will gather every regularly for in-home gatherings to pray for and discern ways to  continue partnering with our friends in Kenya and Uganda (primarily through our relationships with Beauty for Ashes and KGSA.) 

Most recently we have come into partnership with Lutheran Family Services and are serving as cultural mentors for the Mukosa family, who are resettled DRC refugees, coming from 16 years in a Tanzanian refugee camp.We learn from their recent stories  as well as our own, as we gather around a shared meal and time of worship!  This MC is for anyone looking for a community here to immerse in and be transformed by the joys, concerns and life of our sisters and brothers across the globe!

MC Contacts:

Becky Tedeschi and Missie Bonser 


"Other than reminding you of key factors of Jesus's incarnation, I have to call you to simply walk with Jesus. 
You may need to begin by grabbing some friends and putting an initial regimen in place just so you can stretch and grow 
some new missional muscles. But I think in time, you'll find that the Spirit of God will guide you into all grace and truth. 
The more you dive in, the more you'll learn how to live. You just literally have to wake up in the morning, 
invite the Holy Spirit interrupt your day, and then ask for wisdom in how to follow." 
-Hugh Halter "FLESH"

MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES (MCs) are a group of people, often including whole families, who gather regularly to experience life together and reach out to the world around them. Following the life rhythms of Jesus and the disciples, we gather people of peace together who live life with one another and consistently bless a specific neighborhood or network. 

  • MCs are groups who gather around common vision, common purpose, common interests or life phases. It's a group of people who, with their families (if applicable) reach OUT to bless a specific neighborhood or network.
  • They gather in a leader's home around a meal, worship, fellowship, celebration and blessing. These gatherings are the natural time to listen to what God is UP to in the lives of one another and to share what God is doing in their lives.
  • MCs are an opportunity for everyone to play and serve together and are the perfect vehicle for inviting others (neighbors, non-church friends, new acquaintainces in the community IN.

We believe the next vision the Spirit of God is pushing us to is encouraging households to start living intentional life together. Where groups of folks simply start gathering together to eat, play, encourage, and love one another. This would be best fostered by people who naturally live in the same neighborhood, so that a culture of "neighboring" can be created and organically lived out. This type of Missional Community will be intentional about loving the neighbor around them and creating deep relationships of meaning within the group. If this sounds like you, our Trinity staff would love to help you make this vision a reality!

Missional Communities are a great way to connect with other people, create deep relationships and live a missional life. Each of our current MCs have a unique structure, feel, and experience. If you are feeling a calling to enter one of the follow MCs, please contact the MC Leader. All of our MCs are open places where people are welcome to come and see if this is the place where God may be calling you. If you are feeling the call to explore launching your own Missional Community, please talk to one of our church staff and they will be able to help you navigate the possibilities.

Missional Communities at Trinity:
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Our Missional Communities have a central role in our discipleship culture at Trinity. Click any of the above links for more information.

At any time you can find great resources, current book and devotion suggestions and many ways to deepen your familiarity with our discipleship culture by going to the DISCIPLESHIP PAGE on this website.


The Open hearts, Open hands…Together We Pray Missional Community extends the healing power of our Triune God by offering Healing Prayer and Healing Touch to our congregation and the community.   


MC Gathering Time: First Sunday of each month, for a meal and friendship. 12:30pm (location varies)

MC Blessing Times:
After weekly worship in the Prayer Room
Third Tuesday: meeting and healing prayer offering to congregation and community 6:00 fellowship hall.
Quarterly Anointing Services during worship

MC Contacts: Rick Sward and Jackie Sward

This prayer ministry team is striving to open our hearts to the healing power of God's love and open our hands to heal the body, mind and spirit of those around us. Our goal is to make this healing power available to everyone and encourage them to call on God in prayer to receive the peace that only He can provide. Through practice and education, we are becoming more comfortable with prayer and healing touch ministry. Our goal is to help others feel comfortable with accessing this amazing ministry and connection with God, knowing and trusting that God can and will heal us. Jackie would love to meet with you over coffee or a hike to talk with you about how to get involved with our ministry. 

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The Project to Presence Missional Community embraces, loves, and helps Seniors in our community by building a caring presence in their lives.

MC Gathering Time: Monthly on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm at an MC members' home.

MC Blessing Time: Whenever Seniors need a helping hand and/or a touch of love, we are there!

Contact: Patsy Janeba or Melanie Helton

We have identified a need in our community for our Seniors and our mission is to assist them in anyway that we can, whether it be a household project or just loving companionship. We receive names from different community organizations that may benefit from our caring relationship and we take it from there. It is a hands-on, open-hearts interaction with Seniors in our community.

Project to Presence is more than just a helping hand; it is actually loving and living life with our Seniors and letting them know that someone cares. We have established lasting relationships with those we helped and we continue to share fellowship with them during our regularly scheduled dinners. Many lasting relationships have been formed and our members and the Seniors have become friends.

We laugh, we cry, we pray, we play...and of course we eat; a crazy big family.  The love that we receive from each other and the love that we receive from our Seniors is returned to us ten-fold!  We are touched by the hands of God!