Did you know that you can support Trinity’s youth just by purchasing groceries, gas or prescriptions? 

Did you know if you have a child in 4th grade through 12th that you can raise funds that can be used to pay for youth activities and mission trip costs? 

Here’s how it works. 

Purchase a reloadable gift card here at Trinity for either Safeway or King Soopers or a one-time use gift card for Natural Grocers. Once you have your card, you can reload up to $500 at the Customer Service desk of Safeway or King Soopers prior to shopping. Each reloaded amount will then earn 5% toward either the general youth program or your eligible child directly. Natural Grocers cards will earn $2.50 for each card purchased and are not reloadable. Money earned by/designated for the individual youth may be applied only to events sponsored by Trinity Lutheran Church such as the confirmation experience, high school retreats and mission trips. These gift cards are available for purchase here at Trinity during office hours and occasionally on Sundays at a table in the narthex. King Soopers and Safeway reloadable cards are $10 each and Natural Grocers cards are $50 and can be paid for by cash or check.

If you already participate in this program and would like to have money transferred from your child’s account toward an event, please fill out this form and drop it in the wooden box outside the offices.

You can also check your balance by downloading the program spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel or viewer required). If you have any questions about your balance or about this program, please email Brian or contact him at 481-3072.