We are passionate about discipling the children of Trinity, and we are equally passionate about discipling our adults who have:

It is important to remember, especially if children reside in your home, that you are their most effective example of what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus. Model what you desire for them - opportunities abound!

Adult Faith Formation-Huddles

In 2012 we began using the vehicle of HUDDLES (small discipleship groups)

  • Huddles gather to learn the discipling tools called life shapes (Kairos Circle, Leadership Square, Up-IN-Out Triangle, Lord's Prayer Hexagon, Five-fold Ministry Pentagon etc.) Together we dig into God's word as we examine the life of Jesus and His call to follow Him as disciples.
  • Huddle members integrate these "life shape" tools into our lives, following Jesus' example. We listen to what God is saying to us and encourage and challenge one another to follow through and act on what God is saying to us. 
  • Huddle members submit and surrender to God and to one another as we grow into disciples, who are living in a way that will make disciples. 

The process of creating huddles begins with a leader who has been huddled and continues to be in a huddle relationship for support and accountability. That leader prays and pays attention to people in their lives who are PEOPLE OF PEACE to them. People of peace share a mutual accountability, a willingness to serve each other and the world, and is someone who has been prepared by the Spirit, for this season, to learn and grow as a disciple. After clearly outlining the guidelines of this discipling relationship, a huddle leader then invites those people of peace into their lives to begin discipling them.

Most huddles meet every week or every other week for a year to 18 months before huddle members are prepared to enter a new calling of leadership and integrated life. Following this format, at the start of 2015 we had 24 adult and HS youth huddles with approximately 120 people who have shared in the growth and relationships these vehicles provide.

At the start of the 2014 educational season, we incorporated huddles into the transformation of our Sunday morning children's education- which we now call KAIROS QUEST (you can read much more about that on the EDUCATION page)

At the Spirit's urging, we continue to seek new and creative ways to invite more people into the experience, to let the Spirit work outside of the structure that we have become accustomed to and to provide various pathways of deeper involvement for those who might be newer to our congregation or unfamiliar with the language and culture of discipleship.

  • DISCIPLESHIP PLUNGES and MC's (MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES) have become a key component of this. More on these opportunities in NEWS.

Discipleship Resources

For more information on missional communities and living a missional life check out the VERGE NETWORK for inspiring posts, blogs and videos.

Discipleship-Circle Discipleship-Circle

Discipleship-Glossary Discipleship-Glossary

Discipleship-Heptagon Discipleship-Heptagon

Discipleship-Hexagon Discipleship-Hexagon

Discipleship-Octagon Discipleship-Octagon

Discipleship-Pentagon Discipleship-Pentagon

Discipleship-SemiCircle Discipleship-SemiCircle

Discipleship-Square Discipleship-Square

Discipleship-Triangles Discipleship-Triangles

We encourage everyone to take the Five Fold Ministry survey to gain perspective on their spiritual gifting and how they most effectively contribute to community as we do Kingdom work as a unified body. Click here to access the survey FIVE FOLD MINISTRY

Discipleship- 5 Fold Ministries Discipleship- 5 Fold Ministries



"Other than reminding you of key factors of Jesus's incarnation, I have to call you to simply walk with Jesus. 
You may need to begin by grabbing some friends and putting an initial regimen in place just so you can stretch and grow 
some new missional muscles. But I think in time, you'll find that the Spirit of God will guide you into all grace and truth. 
The more you dive in, the more you'll learn how to live. You just literally have to wake up in the morning, 
invite the Holy Spirit interrupt your day, and then ask for wisdom in how to follow." 
-Hugh Halter "FLESH"

We were thrilled with the response to our first round of PLUNGES and grateful to John Abbatiello and Dan Lynch for leading a group of 30 plus who were excited to immerse in the language and culture for a couple sessions and really get their feet wet!

From the PLUNGE we had close to 20 folks express interest in open invitation huddles (an amazing sign that once you get a taste of what it’s like to follow Jesus a little differently, to open up your life and to adopt a kingdom mindset, you just want more and more!)

We have connected folks who were desiring to be in a huddle with our leaders who are doing a round of OPEN INVITATION HUDDLES: Becky Albright and Marilyn Holder. As we begin a new year, we'd like to keeping listening and getting a sense of others who are interested and ready to jump into a huddle.

  • If you feel like you have a good sense of what that commitment entails, what huddle expectations are, the purpose and goal of huddles we would welcome you to indicate your interest now by signing up (click the link below) and providing some information about preferred time (weekdays versus weekends, daytime versus nighttime) and preferred composition ( guys only, gals only, mixed, couples.) By having a sense of any folks who are ready NOW to jump in, we can continue discerning and preparing the next round of leaders to accommodate the current level of interest.

  • If you are interested in the concept but feel a bit in the dark about “huddle culture” we would invite you to plan on attending a PLUNGE when we offer them again this spring and then move forward with pursuing a huddle connection at that point.

Additionally, we have gathered a leadership team this fall to prepare to launch the next piece of the discipleship puzzle- MISSIONAL COMMUNITIES. MC’s are larger groups who gather around common vision, common purpose, common interests or life phases. It’s group of 15-50 people who, with their families (if applicable), reach OUT to a specific group or serve a specific need. They gather around meal, worship, fellowship and service. It’s THE opportunity for everyone to play and serve together and the perfect vehicle for inviting others (neighbors, non-church friends, new acquaintances in the community) IN.

We are excited about the MC’s that have launched:

  • Macaroni Monday's with Tyg and Shellie Taylor
  • Fostering Hope with Sue Ross 
  • Prayer and Healing Team with Rick and Jackie Sward

And we're even more excited as we anticipate MC's taking an even more central role in our discipleship culture in 2016. If you are interested in more information about any of the current MC's, contact the office and we'll put you in touch with the appropriate leader.

At any time you can find great resources, current book and devotion suggestions and many ways to deepen your familiarity with our discipleship culture by going to the DISCIPLESHIP PAGE on this website.

Faith Formation for Children and Teens

The discipleship ministries and practices for our children and teens can be found highlighted on the Education and Youth pages. For questions about any of these ministries contact Missie, Sandy or Tyg.