If you are considering entering into the promise-filled world of Christian baptism for yourself or your child, please contact PASTOR SANDY for more information. At Trinity Lutheran Church, baptisms are scheduled at 9:00am and 10:30am worship services (9:30 am summer season)

To begin the process of reserving a time for baptism, please click here or print the form below and return it to the church office.

Baptism Information Form Baptism Information Form

First Communion

Is your child ready to receive Communion?

Here are some simple questions to ask: 

  • Have they been asking when they can start “taking” communion? 

  • Do they inquire as to “how old you have to be” before receiving the bread and wine? 

  • Do they feel “too old” to receive a blessing from the pastor? 

  • When they see the announcement for the next First Communion retreat, do they tell you to sign them up?! 

Children at Trinity are encouraged to attend our First Communion retreat when they are ready to participate in the most sacred of events at Trinity. This means they should be ready to participate in worship, see communion as a sacrament that will draw them closer to God and His family, and show a hunger for communion beyond looking for an opportunity to “eat the bread” because they get hungry around that time! For most kids this is anywhere between the ages of 6-10. If you have questions whether this is the right time for your child, contact PASTOR SANDY who can talk you and your child through the process.

First Communion "retreats" are offered in the early spring. Children receive a personal journal to work through and a book to use with their family. After preparing at home, they will join the other participants at church for a parent/child retreat with the church staff for a time of discussion and further learning. The children will make communion bread, create their own chalice, hear the story of the Passover and practice for their big day. Parents are invited back for the last half-hour of the retreat.

Please download and fill out this information sheet and return to the church office.

First Communion Sign Up First Communion Sign Up


If you are a member of Trinity and are considering being married here, please contact a staff member for further information about our member guidelines for and scheduling of member weddings.

Not a member of Trinity? Click here for our wedding policy and contract then please contact a staff person to discuss scheduling your wedding at Trinity Lutheran Church. 

Ceremonies - TLC Wedding Guidelines Ceremonies - TLC Wedding Guidelines