The LIFE STORIES MISSIONAL COMMUNITY listens to and preserves stories and lessons from seniors, capturing stories and insight that would otherwise be lost.

MC Gathering Time: Once a month on the second Tuesday from 6:30-8:30pm at the Williamson's home.

MC Blessing Time: The times we are blessed and bless lives vary according to the life rhythms of our teams. Just as Jesus sent his disciples into the world by two's, we go as teams, befriending and opening relational dialogue through encounters with people who are interested in sharing their stories. We have at least three opportunities to develop a relationship with our friends through developing a relationship, recording stories, and reviewing stories with them.

MC Contact: Laura Williamson and Mark Anderson

Living Together: We gather at the Williamson’s home every second Tuesday evening to share experiences and map our journey forward. Our group discusses our encounters with seniors. We talk about the best ways to gather and document the information that's been entrusted to us. We encourage each other, we pray for those in need, and ask God's direction to advance what we believe is a calling for each of us. Our relationships with those in our MC have been deeply enriched as we share our own joys and sorrows, study and pray for God’s guidance, and move into action to imitate the way Jesus sought to daily care for a world in need. 

How We've Blessed our Network: First and foremost, our goal is to spend time listening to seniors and connecting with them in a meaningful way. We believe this connection offers individuals a time to reflect deeply on “self”, as well as a chance for them to give their blessing and wisdom to future generations. The work our teams have done has been extremely gratifying for the individuals we've interviewed and recorded. We ask seniors to reflect upon their lives. Many have been surprised to see just how positive their impact has been on the world around them. It's been a source of unexpected satisfaction for them, a validation of their efforts and struggles. Recently, we were called to action when a terminal diagnosis was delivered. Could we gather a life story quickly so family members in the future would know these important stories?  Yes, we could; yes, we did, and it was a comforting gift we were able to give. The blessings seem to flow effortlessly and the process of harvesting these stories has been exceptionally rewarding as God develops our interconnectedness to the network we bless.


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