The Project to Presence Missional Community embraces, loves, and helps Seniors in our community by building a caring presence in their lives.

MC Gathering Time: Monthly on Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm at an MC members' home.

MC Blessing Time: Whenever Seniors need a helping hand and/or a touch of love, we are there!

Contact: Patsy Janeba or Melanie Helton

We have identified a need in our community for our Seniors and our mission is to assist them in anyway that we can, whether it be a household project or just loving companionship. We receive names from different community organizations that may benefit from our caring relationship and we take it from there. It is a hands-on, open-hearts interaction with Seniors in our community.

Project to Presence is more than just a helping hand; it is actually loving and living life with our Seniors and letting them know that someone cares. We have established lasting relationships with those we helped and we continue to share fellowship with them during our regularly scheduled dinners. Many lasting relationships have been formed and our members and the Seniors have become friends.

We laugh, we cry, we pray, we play...and of course we eat; a crazy big family.  The love that we receive from each other and the love that we receive from our Seniors is returned to us ten-fold!  We are touched by the hands of God!


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