Fostering Hope Missional Community provides love and support to foster families by serving as surrogate extended families.

MC Gathering Times: Once a month on Thursday from 6:30-8:00pm at the Ross' home.

MC Blessing Times: One monthly planning meeting with the Fostering Hope coordinator, team, and foster family. One (on average) support activity per month which may include driving, babysitting, providing a meal, or whatever the family needs. 

MC Contact Person: Sue Ross

Foster parents take on a task that few people are willing to—providing a stable and loving home for kids with disrupted families. Foster families face a mountain of challenges, from dealing with mental and developmental issues with their kids to the strict and time consuming requirements placed on them by the foster care system. Rules prevent them from sharing their stresses over coffee with a friend, having their neighbor pick up their kids from school, or letting their kids go on sleepovers. We support them in a variety of ways, by being a consistent and loving (and trained, insured, and approved) additional presence in their lives. We work in teams of four to eight MC members for each foster family, and currently have three teams. The gratitude the families show for any little bit of help is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

At our monthly gatherings, we share a casual meal and discuss what’s happening with our families. We talk about how we’ve interacted with them over the past month, and share suggestions for how to handle various challenges. We also talk about what we’ve learned from our relationships with our families and how to love without judging—how to live like Jesus, in other words. In December and July, our gathering is a party with our MC and our families.


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