Macaroni Mondays is a Missional Community that consistently blesses and connects with the homeless community at America The Beautiful Park in Colorado Springs with a weekly hot meal and consistent love!

MC Gathering Times: 2x/month on Wednesday nights from 6:00-8:00pm. Mac Monday members volunteer their home to host the group. 

MC Blessing Times: Every Monday night at America The Beautiful Park at 5:00pm.

MC Contact Person: Terry Killen and Karen Tolley 

Mac Mondays has two key components that make this MC a life-transforming experience. First are our weekly gatherings. Whether we're meeting at the Taylor's home or one of our other members' homes, we spend an hour just conversing, catching up, and making deep connections over a potluck meal. The second hour of our time together is an intentional time of talking specifically about what God is up to in each of our lives and at the park where we do our missional work. Sometimes we have a time of discipleship led by a member of this missional community, where we're usually challenged to a deeper life. Our Mac Monday MC is a place where everyone has a voice in the group and all get to share. We may find ourselves sharing in breakout groups, praying for someone specific, or singing to a worship song on YouTube. Each week is unique, but each gathering is inspirational and life-giving.

Secondly, about every 4-5 weeks you will sign up to make dinner to take to the park. On a slow night we have 35 people come to the pavilion to eat, and on occasion we may have up to 80 people. Usually one household cooks 8 pounds of dry macaroni to make two HUGE pans of mac and cheese. The other partner family will bring sodas and individually packaged desserts. Over time, folks start to gather totes of bowls, forks, trash bags, dog food, etc that start to take up garage space! Beyond the logistics of cooking and showing up at the park, Mac Monday folks start to live and see the world differently--with open eyes and transformed hearts. It's all part of stepping into this missional life until it starts to become natural!


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